Our expertise

Know-how at the service of entrepreneurs

Personalized guidance over the long term

In each of our projects, we are guided by our passion for business and our desire to help businesses grow over the long term and build the future hand-in-hand. We support businesses in all aspects of their growth, drawing on cutting-edge expertise gained from our BtoB experience. This robust commitment is manifested through two major sectors of activity:

Investment in companies

From start-ups to multinationals, we finance, support and develop projects we believe in.

Investing for companies

We offer companies logistics facilities, operating premises and office buildings in order to assist their development.

Investing in companies

We are involved in capital development and venture capital projects in the digital BtoB sector. In general, we take positions as majority or principal shareholders, either alone or in partnership with other investors.



in revenues (€)

Capital development

Our aim is to structure the long-term growth of thriving small and medium-sized companies and stimulate the development of leading multinationals in their markets.

Venture capital

Our venture capital firm Hi Inov supports innovative start-ups operating in the digital BtoB sector and seeking to accelerate their growth.

Diversified investment portfolio

To support and develop projects, we can also acquire minority interests.

Investing for companies

Real estate

What applies to our equity investments in companies also applies to our real estate business. As real estate project sponsors, we invest on a long-term basis and act as entrepreneurs.

Key figures

of operating premises in France

of office space over 9 buildings located in Paris and Lyon

of warehouse space at 25 logistics hubs (France, Netherlands, Romania)