MARLE Group now has 7production facilities exclusively focused on orthopedic implant manufacturing for OEM’s globally. The MARLE Group is a strategic partner with a reputation for excellence focused on delivering value to its customers through technical expertise, efficient contract manufacturing and outstanding quality systems.

3D MEDLAB is a pioneer in additive manufacturing in the medical device sector and specializes in engineering, design and development, and production of 3D printed metal implants, polymer implants and components for the ortho, spine, trauma, and cardio markets. 3D MEDLAB works with OEM’s during initial stage prototypes, FDA approvals and large volume production.

The acquisition of 3D MEDLAB expands MARLE Group’s contract manufacturing offering with their new additive manufacturing solution that creates a total end-to-end solution. This solution supports research and innovation, product development, prototyping, various manufacturing platforms (additive, forging, casting, or subtractive machining), inspection and quality, complete packaging, and delivery of complex finished product.

MARLE Group will continue to make strategic acquisitions and partnerships to expand its value-added portfolio for its OEM customers.


Comments from Leadership Teams

Antonio Gil, President and Heimo Wabusseg, CEO, MARLE Group, “We are extremely excited about this strategic alliance and the opportunity to combine our forging, casting, and machining expertise with a proven 3D implant company. We had been looking to join forces with a partner to execute our growth strategy in the United States and provide our MARLE Group customers with the latest in implant technology. This merger with 3D MEDLAB was a perfect fit for the MARLE Team and we are confident that we will increase market share in 2021 and beyond.”

Frank D. Noone, Vice President, MARLE America, “The acquisition of 3D MEDLAB represents a milestone in our strategy to strengthen MARLE Group’s medical device contract manufacturing position in the orthopedic and spine market in the United States. We are excited to partner with 3D MEDLAB because of a shared commitment to constant innovation and a laser focus on customer satisfaction. This will give us an opportunity to gain access to new accounts and increase our presence in existing accounts by providing 3D printed implants and with the full scope of the MARLE Group’s technical expertise, proven quality products and value-added service.”

Gaël Volpi, CEO and Founder, 3D MEDLAB , “This combination of our innovative cultures will allow us to expand and stretch our strategic value to our customers globally by fully encompassing the diverse scope of manufacturing techniques and platforms between 7 facilities. MARLE also has an excellent reputation in the med device space for collaboration with their customers and speed to market which aligns with our core values at 3D MEDLAB. Joining the MARLE Group enables our company to expand exposure to our innovations, keep our R&D value and accelerate our growth as part of a leading global medical device contract manufacturer focused on providing orthopedic implant and cardiovascular solutions to OEM’s.”