Dentressangle Solidarité

Partnership with the Epic movement

Dentressangle backs Epic

Epic is a non-profit start-up that strives to change the lives of disadvantaged young people. The foundation supports initiatives by social enterprises seeking to tackle the root causes of injustice affecting children and young people worldwide.

3 questions for Anita Kirpalani, Head of Epic France

What are the tangible results of Epic’s initiative?

We currently provide support to 28 social enterprises striving to protect rights and promote access to healthcare, education and employment in 11 countries throughout the USA, Europe, Asia and East Africa. Once the organizations have been selected, Epic monitors them, helps them grow and shares its observations with donors in a spirit of transparency.

Epic guarantees that all donations are passed on to the selected organizations in full.

What’s the origin of your relationship with the DENTRESSANGLE family?

DENTRESSANGLE was looking for a trusted partner to measure the impact of supported initiatives in order to “give better”. The firm was also convinced by our commitment to driving growth among our beneficiary organizations in order to ensure their long-term viability. By making a commitment alongside Epic, DENTRESSANGLE has confirmed its determination to bring long-term benefits to its ecosystem and foster a professional approach to sponsorship and philanthropy, a guarantee of professionalism and efficiency for the company’s employees. Secondly, I must say that the organizations we support are absolutely amazing, and this was a further factor in winning over the DENTRESSANGLE SOLIDARITÉ donation fund. Actions speak louder than words!

How does Dentressangle’s financial support assist Epic’s initiatives? What exactly will it help you achieve?

Dentressangle’s support is essential for the organizations we support. The funds donated will help them choose the best way to step up their impact, in order to fundamentally change systems in France and abroad. For instance, by supporting “Agir pour l’Ecole” [Acting for Education], an organization that seeks to reduce inequalities in learning to read in France, we are tackling the root cause of one of the severest forms of inequity among young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. This year, donations helped the charity extend its campaign to include more schools.

The 6 associations supported

France Agir pour l’Ecole [Acting for Education]

Agir pour l’Ecole’s mission is to fight school failure. It does so by tackling the source of the problem: learning to read. To achieve its mission, Agir pour l’Ecole has developed a comprehensive approach based on scientific research.
Target: children aged 5-12
4,186 beneficiaries

France Telemaque

The mission of Institut TELEMAQUE is to support motivated middle and high school students and apprentices from modest backgrounds and encourage them to reach their potential.
Target: children aged 11-25
1,600 beneficiaries

Cambodia M’Lop Tapang

M’Lop Tapang is a comprehensive center dedicated to disadvantaged street children and youth in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. The Center provides shelter, medical care, education, sports, arts, vocational training, counseling, family support and protection from all types of child abuse.
Target: up to the age of 18
6,000 beneficiaries

Cambodia Friends International

Friends works with children, families, dedicated teams and supporters to build quality services for marginalized children & youth addressing their health, education, job training and placement, protection and family strengthening needs.
Target: youth aged up to 24
24,155 beneficiaries

Vietnam Reach

REACH enables disadvantaged Vietnamese youth to access economic opportunities & employment through targeted vocational training, professional skills training and career placement services.
Target: youth aged 16-30
1,000 beneficiaries

India Apnalaya

Working with individuals, groups and communities, Apnalaya’s aim is to empower the disadvantaged populations living in the slums of Mumbai to overcome the many social, political and economic barriers they face, and to help them access opportunities that lead to a better quality of life.
Target: All ages
38,721 beneficiaries