Dentressangle Solidarité,
The philanthropic commitment

A philanthropic commitment
in keeping with our values

When DENTRESSANGLE makes a commitment to the community, the choice is above all a family choice.

In all his entrepreneurial endeavors, Norbert Dentressangle has always prioritized the human aspects, driven by the desire to enable each person to fulfill their goals and take their life into their own hands.
As the DENTRESSANGLE donation fund bears the family name, it reflects a personal commitment and long-term promise made to the beneficiaries of the initiatives supported.

By supporting community projects, DENTRESSANGLE embodies more than ever the values of ambition, commitment, foresight and humility underpinning the entrepreneurial achievements of Norbert Dentressangle and his family.

Undertaking collective commitments at grassroots level, making the world a better place for future generations by improving access to education and healthcare, fostering individual and collective development, reinforcing social impact and bringing out the best in the nation… these are the goals that Marine Drumain Dentressangle and Pierre-Henri Dentressangle are seeking to achieve at the helm of the DENTRESSANGLE Solidarité fund.

Presentation of Dentressangle Solidarité donation fund

We act in order to enable each person to fulfill their life’s goals

Solidarity is a promise we make to those who wish to join society, make progress and fulfill themselves.

Since its inception, the mainspring of our family-run investment holding company has been to provide bespoke, conviction-driven practical assistance to women and men, entrepreneurs and organizations, to help them bring their plans to fruition.

Backed by our family’s strong entrepreneurial culture, we seek to support those who lack the means to take their lives into their own hands. We are more determined than ever to help those in need to take better care of themselves and access education and training, in order to join society, make progress in life and fulfill their most cherished dreams. This is the goal of the donation fund we have created and whose results we are so proud to share.

With DENTRESSANGLE SOLIDARITÉ, we promote grassroots initiatives in the areas of:


So that sickness or the constraints arising from transplants do not prevent talent from flourishing.


In France and throughout the rest of the world, we seek to help young people find their place in society and steer their own lives with ambition.


To highlight the connections between health and diet and teach the general public, both young and old, about the pleasures of fine dining.

For us, solidarity is a means of ensuring we have a concrete impact: in everything we do, we seek to take a step further by maximizing social impact, as we aim to treat the cause rather than the symptom.

Above all, we seek to empower each person to take their life into their own hands and pursue their life’s goals with confidence.

Our commitments are made not only on behalf of our family, but also on behalf of all the people around us and our children, so that we can all feel pride together in our actions.

To maximize the impact of DENTRESSANGLE SOLIDARITÉ, we try to spread our commitment among the community at grassroots level on a daily basis, to encourage everyone around us to take a step forward in their lives.

We are convinced that the more people who make this commitment, the greater the impact of our actions and the more effective our commitment will be.

The initiatives we support are already bearing fruit. More than ever, our action is geared to the long term in order to ensure a strong impact on a grand scale.

Pierre-Henri Dentressangle

Pierre-Henri Dentressangle

Founding Chairman of HI Inov

After graduating from ISEG Marketing & Communication School and obtaining a Master’s degree in Transport and Logistics, Pierre-Henri Dentressangle created and developed a number of websites before founding digital content archiver Archive Concept at the age of 21. In 2006, he created and ran Aquasolo Systems, developing the company’s product listings in the mass retail sector in France and Europe. He joined Dentressangle in 2011 in order to set up the company’s venture capital arm as part of its diversification and equity investment division structuring program.

At DENTRESSANGLE, we seek to help the people around us climb the social ladder, whether we’re talking about our own employees or the organizations we support: this is our daily mission. In a spirit of solidarity, we seek to overstep the boundaries of DENTRESSANGLE by helping as many people as possible get a foot on the ladder.


DENTRESSANGLE is committed to fostering solidarity in order to meet existing and future social and societal needs. Our commitment is in keeping with the family values that motivate the employees of our holding company and underpin all of our entrepreneurial projects. This ensures that our community projects have a long-term beneficial impact on the people we are trying to help.


Marine Drumain Dentressangle

Marine Drumain Dentressangle

Real estate and Human Resources Director

Marine Dentressangle holds a Professional Master 2 in Law and Financial Engineering from Lyon 3 Jean Moulin University and a Specialized Masters in wealth management from ESCP Europe business school. She began her career in 2010 in the private banking department of La Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild. In 2013 she joined OGIC real estate developer, where she held successive positions as Program Manager, Program Director and COO Ile-de-France West. Early 2017 she joined Dentressangle family investment holding company as member of the Strategic Committee in charge of HR. She is a director at Tessi and Ogic.