MARLE : Leading orthopaedic implant contract manufacturer.

Established over 50 years ago, MARLE has become one of the reference suppliers to the orthopaedic industry.

The company provides specialized manufacturing services for the production of hip, knee, shoulder, spine and extremities implants as well as instruments of the highest quality.

Exclusively focused on orthopaedic manufacturing, MARLE is a strategic and reliable long-term partner to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) all over the world, offering end-to-end manufacturing capabilities, from forging and casting through machining, polishing, coating and packaging services, allowing the company to offer “implants in the box” to its clients.

Dentressangle acquired a majority shareholding in MARLE in 2019.

The ambitious growth plan aims at accelerating the company’s development in the US and Asia, further expanding downstream in the value chain and reinforcing its one-stop-shop offering.

manufacturing sites in France & Switzerland

million implants produced each year

DENTRESSANGLE acquires a majority shareholding of the capital

in revenue